Salat : Is there really a difference between salat of men and women

I have seen many adherents of Hanafi Fiqh practicing and preaching that there is a difference between salat of men and women. But according to my studies of Hadith O have seen in Sahih al Bukhari that once Prophet(s.a.w) said "Pray as you see me praying", at that time Prophet(pbuh) addressed both men and women.
The Conclusion I made on this topic after reading this is that there is no difference between Salat of men and women.
Though later Hanafi scholars would have made this difference by keeping the saying of Imam Nawawi that women should keep body parts close while praying, so that all body must be covered.
I am also not objecting or saying any Fiqh wrong, as the law makers were great scholars of their contemporary time.
But on my side I ssuggest men and women should pray same and best according to Sunnah.