Fiction of the truth.....

I was a small entrepreneur of Calcutta. I used to sell vegetables in the crowded lanes of the
city. People from different states used to come here. The city was very prosperous. But that
horrific day I am going to tell you..... Now listen to my story everyone....if you have heart.
It was like normal day, I woke up at five o clock morning, it was part of my daily routine all
things were as usual, but I was unaware of the fact that it was the day when Kalikata will
come under black clouds... I took my thela or in English we say cart on which I used to sell
vegetables. As usual the market was full of public till seven o clock all other shopkeepers
were ready with their shops in which the stuffs will kept in the way that they will look most
attractive in the market... Oh! Sorry I forgotten to tell you two most important things, first
the date, which was 1717.. and our ruler's name Murshid Quli Khan. Now I will continue
with my story....So that day's afternoon we got a messenger from Mughal sultanate, he
announced- “ Sultan Farruksiyar has given the East India Company to duty free trade in
Now I will give a little introduction to East India Company. It was mercantile company
which came to India for buying traditional Indian stuff which are native to India and sell it
very high prices in their country so called 'England.' Now to continue with the story....
Farruksiyar was a weak ruler he never looked at his sultanate from his accession till today. This weakness of the ruler proved milestone to the Company.... the started to make a fort at the the bank of river Hoogli. They put their private force and ammunitions without
prior pemission of nawab there. Soon after that Quli Khan died, his son Siraj-ud-Daulah ascended
the throne of Nawab, he had a respet in province....he was dedicated to his state..but his powers did
not worked against company...He was angered with the advancing of British in his province, he
asked them publicly to put down thier fortification, but they didn't agreed, I remember that day
when the royal horses marched to Fort William, with royal guards and his majesty, they entered the
fort and captured it, they declared their authority on fort and put some hundred men in a small room
for whole night, at morning few of them survived, this success of nawab didn't live much long...
soon East India Company called one of their most able General Robert Clive, he was a clever as
well as intellignet man his personality showed how he could handle situation, on a very day
Comapny's force under guidence of Robert Clive captured fort once a gain from authority of
Nawab, nawab was badly defeated in that fight. Nawab was taken to his palace and was forced to
sign a treaty called treaty of Alinagar. But Britishers were not satisfied with this defeat of Nawab
hey want to throw out nawab form his throne completely. They tried tooth to nail for this
purpose..everyday they would go to royal palace or house of nawab's corrupt nobles....they try to win
over them... but the heveans fell when they won over mind of one of nawab's most important noble,
his general of his army 'Mir Jafar'.... we thought he was intelligent man but he was fooled very
easily... he was judgmental in his decision.

British East India company declared war on Nawab which was to be held at Plashi, the Britishers named the battle as the battle of Plassey, plassey was anglicised version
of name Plashi. When Nawab gathered hishe also asked Mir Jafar to join war...but he disagreed
saying that he was not well and could not lead the army....he said to nawab you are enough to lead
your force but nawab was unknown to this fact that Mir Jafar had given all the information of force
of nawab to Robert Clive, I was made a soldier of army of nawab as it was compulsory for every
men of Bengal to join the force when asked by the nawab.
The battle started, Company's force was well equipped with arms...and
they all knew about our formation....therefore we were soon defeated and nawab was killed by
Robert Clive.......he made Mir Jafar Nawab and this was the end of prosperity of Bengal, prosperity
of India.....this was the fiction of my truth............